Sunday, 8 May 2016

Rescue pony gets hooves trimmed

Our farrier visited on Friday and trimmed Eggsy's hooves

Eggsy stood quietly watching everyone else have their hooves trimmed but wasn't exactly good when it came to his turn; he decided to try and buck with only three feet on the ground! 

But all's well that end's well he now has beautifully trimmed hooves again.

Big thanks to Bronwyn who paid for Eggsy's pedicure.

Thanks are also overdue for a number of donations we've received this year bringing us up to 90% of our original target ~ not far to go now!

Thank you:

Norfolk Bea of the Holt Bird Cafe Shop which sells wild bird seed, feeders etc

Eleonore of Marburger Pferdchen who is trying to help the equine crisis via her website

Diane Salek

Charlotte Meins

Dianne Drew who makes fab scented candles over at The Wicked Wick

Rachael Wilson who writes for Your Chickens and Country Smallholding magazines 

Silvia Russo of ChiTemple in Australia 

Christine King

Shirley Suzuki & her wonderful ex jousting horse Joey

Philomena Moreland 

and of course to those who prefer to remain anonymous.

We really don't know what we'd do without your continued support.

Would you like to help Eggsy? 

Eggsy has a GoFundMe campaign to help raise funds for his care, we'd be really grateful if you'd go take a look, share it far and wide via your social media and of course if you can spare some money please donate.

Help Raise Abandoned Foal Eggsy ~ GoFundMe

Thank you, Eggsy and I really appreciate it x